Know about the Different Wine Cooler Types

People prefer Wine coolers nowadays for storing their favourite wine. Best wine coolers are those which help in enhancing the flavour of the wine and in addition, increase the shelf life of the wine. Just like how different the wines are, there are also different types of wine coolers. Hence, it is important to know about all these types of coolers before planning to buy one.

Counter Top Wine Coolers

Counter Top Wine Coolers are the best choice for those who don’t have much space to store wine. If there no huge floor space to keep a big wine cooler, then it is a good idea to buy counter top wine coolers. These types of coolers are best suited for people who consume wine rather than collect it.

Counter Top coolers are very compact and based on the model, can store around 4 to 25 wine bottles. There are many models available in this type and are of varying sizes. So, if you are planning to buy one, have an idea about the space before buying one. Also, these coolers need some space for ventilation. So, keep them in mind too before buying one.

Built-in Coolers

A built-in cooler is designed to install under the counter. Built-in coolers have their heat ventilation in the front instead of the back (which is a standard protocol). This is because built-in coolers don’t have space at the back due to tightly enclosed areas.

Built-in coolers are again for those who don’t want the coolers to occupy more floor space. Built-in coolers are also very expensive as they are usually custom designed. Take care while buying these coolers and check whether the cooler you buy is intended for built-in use. Otherwise, you will end up ruining the wine and the surrounding place.

Free Standing Wine Coolers

Free Standing Wine coolers can be kept anywhere at home and they occupy a considerable amount of floor space. This type of wine cooler is very popular and the price range falls in the medium category. These type of wine coolers comes in many sizes and models. Hence, reading through wine refrigerator reviews will help identify the one for your needs.

NewAir wine coolers are perfect choice when it comes to free standing wine coolers. These are thermoelectric coolers but work quietly unlike others. They have a wide range of sizes and models available. NewAir wine cooler reviews explain in more detail about the features of each model of this brand.

Single and Dual Zone Wine Coolers

A Single Zone Wine cooler is one that has a single temperature zone and is controlled by a single thermostat. They are like the normal refrigerators. Hence, one can store only one type of wine in this type of wine coolers.

A Dual Zone Wine Cooler has two temperature zones and work based on two independent thermostats. Dual Zone wine cooler is a wine enthusiast wine cooler as it is ideal to store different types of wine that require different ideal temperatures while storing.