Get The Right Battery For Your Solar Panel

Deep cycle batteries are different from your regular batteries. These batteries are designed in such a way that they can discharge more than other batteries, on a regular basis. When charged fully, the deep cycle batteries can discharge up to 75% of its total capacity. These batteries can be used up to 80% of its capacity too, but this will cut short the lifespan of the battery.

Deep Cycle Batteries For Solar Power

Solar applications used deep cycle batteries for off grid applications. These batteries cost just half as much as the lithium-ion batteries. Charging these batteries require very little electricity and they can discharge more than other batteries, hence solar batteries are highly efficient.

These deep cycle batteries can discharge more because they are fitted with heavy and strong lead plates. They basically fall into two categories: Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA).

The FLA batteries are high maintenance and are expensive too. It uses liquid electrolyte which can produce hydrogen gas when charged. Since this is a highly explosive gas, it has to be used only in outdoors.

On the contrary, VRLA are low maintenance and cheaper. It does not produce any harmful gas and hence can be used indoors too. There is no need for a separate battery box and as they are sealed, these batteries are easier to mount or to be transported.

When you are planning to use deep cycle batteries, check the REVIEW 2017: Deep cycle Batteries to know more about these batteries and make a wise decision.

12v – 18ah battery

Alternatively you can even use the 12V-18ah batteries that are lead based and sealed. This battery can power devices for a maximum of 200 watt-hours and is predominantly used in smaller solar panels. These batteries are well sealed and leak proof, thus can be mounted in any which way as there is no fear of leakage.

Electric Vehicles

As people get more environmentally conscious and lean toward eco friendly cars, the makers have started bringing out new designs of not just the cars but the batteries too. When you want to get the best out of your electric car, you need more than just driving expertise. You need the right charger to ensure the life of the battery is not short and the battery can deliver what is promised.

You need to buy yourself the best charger for electric vehicle so that your car’s battery is well used. When the right charger is not used, it can ruin the battery for good.

Hence one needs to check multiple sources and then narrow down on a good charger, if it is their first time.

Solar Kits

Solar kits are a good welcome change in many houses. Instead of relying on electricity and the authorities for an uninterrupted supply, you can get yourself a solar kit and build it at home. You will have uninterrupted power supply and your electricity bills will decrease drastically.

However, one should remember that getting such pocket friendly solar kits have their share of negatives too. You cannot get a fully assembled unit; you need to assemble this solar kit by yourself. But assembling your own solar panel can be one fun DIY project too.