Home Défense – A less daunting task with the right weapon

The requirements of individuals for self-protection may vary from person to person. The choice of a good handgun or firearm may vary because of different perceptions about what goes into a great gun that is suitable for both concealed carry use and great home defense.

Self-protection is an individual right and any general guide on choosing a handgun or concealed arms option will tell you that ease, simplicity, accuracy and reliability are some qualities that every gun used in defence needs to possess.

The Glock 17, the Ruger 10 22 and sig p226 are some names that crop up in mind when one thinks of good firearms in self-defence.

The Glock 17 as a weapon for self-protection:

When it comes to simple, fuss-free designing and ease of usage and calibre selection and general customisation, a Glock is what comes to mind. The Glock 17 can be your go-to handgun and concealed weapon because of its frame size. This is a great handgun with fabulous upgrades from time to time.

The G17 has a great record because of its quality corrosion resistance and the polymer frame are effective in all tough weather conditions. The G17s over the years is a name to reckon with in terms of its durability and reliability and few complaints of malfunctions.

Though the trigger quality is considered average, the crisp reset function allows for quick and precise follow-up shots. The Glock’s Safe Action System automatically negates the need for any external safety.

Because the G17s are considered great concealed carry options, a well-fitted and comfortable holster that is a perfect fit is very important. The G17s are so widespread and there a lot of Glock17 holster options in the market. Some glock 17 holster have synthetic bodies that do not warp and have a solidly attached paddle platform that can hold on with or without a belt, a speed cut front and one-button release which doesn’t obstruct or restrict your draw.

It is necessary to have a tough Glock17 that will retain its shape through any situation and does not jiggle uncomfortably when worn.

The Ruger 10 22:

This is one rifle that falls into the sporting and target rifles category which is efficient in personal protection also. The cheap Ruger 10 22 has been known to be a good performer with safety and simplicity as its paramount features.

Ever since its introduction, the cheap Ruger 10 22has been a popular choice from a survival standpoint of view. The parts and replacements are cheap and repairs are easy to handle.

The Sig Sauer P226:

Few names can match up to the Sig P226 cheap price revolver guns when it comes to an ergonomically designed, precise on the target personal protection weapon in the market. The Sig Sauer P226 has seen some significant upgrades since the year it has been introduced.

The P226 is the signature handgun for Sig Sauer and is an easy performer. Though, the safety options on this self-defence weapon are average, the average controls such as the slide stop, the magazine release and the hammer perform efficiently that accidental firing is almost impossible.

Overall, any weapon for home protection and self-defence should be easy to use and reliable. The Glock 17 is a good handgun which is a great concealed carry option, whereas the Ruger 10 22 and Sig P226 are good handguns that do not make good concealed carry options.