Best DSLR Camera – Worth Your Money.

Have you been looking to buy a DSLR? Decided upon the brand, the budget you can accommodate and the features you are looking for? We know, it might sound a little too many questions at once and too many work at hand. Leave you confusions and worries to us, we shall solve them. Read further to know the answers to the all the above queries.

There are many photographers out today, many pursuing it as a hobby and many as a career. But one thing is common-DSLR Camera! Yes, we hope most of you would have been wondering about the craziness behind SLR’s and DSLR’s! But, there is a reason Those cameras offer you the best images, even if you are not a professional, and we are sure, that most of us would want to just have a hands-on experience at least once.

Okay, let’s come back to the topic, of choosing the best DSLR. There are many brands in the market stating to give you the best features, at best prices all possible best things under the roof. But are all of them the Best? With many users’ ratings and considering other factors, best DSLR camera has been awarded to Pentax K-3III. Make your decision with our Pentax K3 review.

Let’s see as to why it is considered the best.

Pixel Shift resolution: this is the first camera to have this feature in the sensor. This feature enables you to take four images at a pixel width apart and combine them to give you the best quality image without any change in its resolution.

Sensor Format: this model has APS C size CMOS Sensor with 24 MP resolution and Prime III processor.

Lens Mount: this feature enables you to choose from nearly 141 types of lenses that are available with Pentax since 1975. So, just imagine the number of choices you have in clicking the photos to your heart’s content.

Shake Reduction: this camera gives you a shake reduction feature, enabling you to capture moving objects without any worry of shaking images.

Auto Focus feature: you need not worry about focusing and others, this model has auto focus. So, just click and cherish the picture and the moment.

Anti-Aliasing Filter simulation: this model doesn’t have the AA filter, which clears the blurs in the pictures; but the Pixel shift sensor does this job for you. A bonus for you!

Video Capture: this model offers you different frame rates to shoot a video varying from 24p to 60p. the microphone port and headphone port allows you to shoot the video without any change in the background audio, giving you the exact effect every time you visit that video.

LCD Monitor and View Finder: the monitor is fixed and has a large screen. The view finder gives 100% accurate pictures.

GPS and Astrotracer: this model has built in GPS. This also has Astrotracer feature, which uses sensor shift to trace those far off celestial bodies beautifully in your prints.

Dual SD card, Flu card, etc.: this model has 2 slots for memory card. Flu card enables you to connect to Wi-Fi, since it doesn’t have a built-in one, also enables you to remotely control your camera from your smartphone or tab.

Shooting Speed: this model has the highest shooting speed compared to any other DSLR’s.

Buttons and Display: this model makes the use of buttons in changing or adjusting a setting, which is better option than moving through many options. It has an extra LCD display on top and a mode dial. This model dial comes with a lock feature, which helps you save your image in a case of accidental changes. This a smart feature, which is very useful when clicking outside in the forest area, mountain arrange or water areas, where sudden changes are bound.


Now let’s see the drawbacks:

  • There is no Touch-screen facility available in the LCD.
  • No built-in Wi-Fi and flash, though they have been replaced by other features.
  • It is slightly heavier to be carried around every day.
  • The JPEG processor renders the images with less finer details.

With all these features and few drawbacks, this model can be a best bet for a beginner and a middle photographer who is still in the path of professionalism. With rightly priced, not too over, it’s Nikon D3300 Review for this year you may consider this option as the best over the other competitors.